Da Red Zone

vpirate25 said: Have you read Deadpool vs. Carnage yet? If you have, how'd you like it?

I haven’t, and I’m very hesitant. You can call me a Hipster or whatever, but the writing for the modern version of Deadpool and Carnage both are …not what I fell in love with back in the day. I have a feeling I’d go red in the face while hollering, “WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU!?”

I like the concept of the story, but Deadpool used to be a lot more funny/hardcore, and Carnage used to be a whole lot smarter/craftier/humorous. =\

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It’s cercumstantial. I like em if they got a good sense of humor.

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Going to the Grouplove/Portugal. The Man concert tomorrow in the Dirty D. Gonna be late to the show, but only cause I FEEL ALIIIIIIVE.

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You just want an excuse to stare at muh butt, don’t you? I’m on to you.

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Man, I need some irl female friends. Shopping for clothes alone is depressing!

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This was the best thing to come back to, I just can’t get over Jake in the lederhosen, the patience it must have taken. I can’t stop laughing, you’re so amazing, Red. <3

I found it very difficult to shade as delicately as you do in order to make it all look unified. Your lines are also rly crisp and I had to try to do something similar in the resolution you sent out, lol. In Photoshop. That was fun. No, srsly it was fun to try to imitate your style. Thanks for being amiable about someone defacing yer art. XD

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hutchian said: I was gonna send you a picture of a fire and say I was flamin' you but apparently you can't send links. The fuck man?

It’s the thought that counts. <3

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New steam avatar for those asking. No, it doesn&#8217;t get bigger, because it&#8217;s literally nothing but a sketchy doodle with colors haphazardly thrown on and I didn&#8217;t prepare for high res. Ey, sometimes no fucks are given.

New steam avatar for those asking. No, it doesn’t get bigger, because it’s literally nothing but a sketchy doodle with colors haphazardly thrown on and I didn’t prepare for high res. Ey, sometimes no fucks are given.

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Am I the only one made really uncomfortable by Scott Jund’s use and defence of the word retarded/retard in the chat during the late night with Cry and Russ stream?

I am kind of conflicted about it because I have been a fan of everyone in that group for a long time, but man was Scott acting like an asshole.

Alright, I’m just gonna… throw this out there because it’s late and I’m down for bad decisions. You can watch. You can enjoy. Please, do enjoy! But when it comes to us personally… The thing is, and I mean this in the most respectful way possible: You do not know us. You do not know fully what we mean when we speak, Tumblr.

Any judgments you make of us are void. We are decent people. We are not characters in an anime.

This has been a public service announcement.

EDIT: If you send this person any flames, you are personally on my shit list.

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Does this look like Jundus Scottus or do i have to tweak it more 

It’s beautiful.

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