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About the Stream Break Images

Ok, so here’s the deal. Ever since we started doing ‘em this first time around, artists have shown great enthusiasm to contribute. It has become a …fairly coveted job. Now, we haven’t even started thinking about the next batch of new images, but when the time comes, I cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to be included. There may be some options that allow us to utilize more images from more artists, but like I said, right now I have too much to do to officially lead the project with good conscience. I will let you know when the time comes.

That said, I have told people who have asked to contribute that they may draw whatever they like (nobody wants to stifle creative urges, c’mon), and since it is their art, they can also post it where they like. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be chosen, unfortunately.

Alright, cool. Just had to disclaimer this because I came home to a ton of questions in my inbox about it. Appreciate yer time in readin dis. Have a great day, and you da bomb.

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Anonymous said: Sorry if you've answered this but you I haven't seen you on the stream as much anymore. May I know the reason? Thanks


I’ve literally been there every single week with the exception of one in the past like year and a half. I do leave earlier than the others partly because I just can’t live that nocturnal lifestyle they do - its unhealthy man!

Not only is it generally unhealthy, but most places of business close during the night (much much earlier for banks and government stuff, etc), making it very difficult to do what needs to be done on a daily basis to maintain life…

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I had a very good birthday. It was the first one in a long time, and many people came together to ensure it. MANY people. So many that I couldn’t begin to draw them all, so I ended up doing only the folks I kinda already had appearances in mind for. What I’m trying to say …is thank ya. Thanks for the well-wishes and your consideration this last Tuesday.


Have a creepy picture.

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captainhostile said: After watching you and the gang play CAH, I was wondering what your sense of humor is like?

Witty/clever. Cheesy. Puns n dad jokes. Political incorrectness. I do appreciate low-brow humor, but there has to be SOME kind of thought behind it. I will never see a word and laugh just due to the word existing. It’s all about the execution~ N’ styyyyyyyle

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cryaotic replied to your post “i must say i’m a huge fan of the “French” additions to my RE6 drawing…”

I asked Red to simply add a French flag - she stepped up her game.

good goin’ Red, ‘s beautiful

I dropper’d yer colors and tried to keep it your style. Glad you like it! It was inspired by what Cry did in paint to my place-holder thumbs, so I can’t take ALL the credit. ;3

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Hey yo Red bbycakes 

We done made you a thing because we love you and you’re a pretty cool lady as far as people go. And we go all the way to the moon so that’s actually pretty far, man. Uh. This has got a whole bunch of people in it. ‘S got 
















Yea. They all says names in thing so. 


Gais. Gais. That was an adorable thing to wake up to. Thank you so so much. Russ and I both had a good giggle. I feel very loved.

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Woke up this morning to a ton of ‘are you ok’ messages and reports about he-said-she-said during the stream last night. I think it’s extremely sweet that so many people care about my well-being, but nobody has to worry. I’m fine, my friends are fine and they understand me, and I have never once been a part of the stream for any other reason than the fact that those are my pals and they mutually want me around. If people are gonna say stuff, then I’m not going to ever take it personally unless the judgement comes from someone I know and respect.

Let haters hate. Won’t phase me none, and nobody has to stress on my behalf. All is well with the Red. Hope yer havin’ a good Sunday, errbuddy. Let’s get back to the good stuff now.

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What if Reds hair actually turned into fire when she was mad.

It does.

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Tomodachi Life. …Or is it poetry?

I do not apologize for the raw footage, as I am an ameture without editing software at the moment.

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My Grandfather

It’s not that he’s my grandfather. He’s a legend, and I wish that more people knew he existed before his time comes. In 8th grade, it was an English assignment to write a biography about a family member. It turned out that, at that time, I’d only known a fraction of my grandfather’s escapades. He used to tell me things like how he and his fighter pilot buddies would just hop in a jet and blast off to Argentina for a certain brand of Pistachio nuts …before flying to Spain to eat them at a bull fight. In my youth, I thought is was another tall tale told by a typical grandfather.

Those were not tall tales.

At the age of 17, he ran away from home and joined the Canadian Air Force. The US age minimum was 18 and he could not wait. He married soon, and his wife eventually gave him seven children. He joined the US Air Force years later and it became his glory days. He reached the colonel ranking, not before seeing some conflicts he survived and many did not, remarried, had 2 more kids, finished serving the military and became the manager of an oil company (forget his official title, but it was “nice suit” worthy). Then he remarried AGAIN, had two more kids, retired with wealth, became a crop-dusting pilot for funsies, and watched his family grow, ever in support of each and every one of them, until he could physically no longer work.

That’s the short-hand of it. If you want stories, well, none of them are tall tales, but they’re still all a little too crazy for mortal men to comprehend…

I love my grandfather. You would probably love him too.

Why yes, this post had no real reason to be written.

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