Hey Red, could you upload the D&D thumbnails that you've made?



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Question for my D&D Art Peoples:

More of a straw poll, really… Because those are hip.

It’s been on my mind for a while to draw up some real, full-body concept pieces of the D&D characters. It’s for those who really enjoy making them subjects, and have been nicely asking for clear references. So, what I wanna know from you guys is: In what order do you want me to do this? I don’t really care. They will all get done eventually~

Edit: Totally called Kera Kira on accident again, but too late now!

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Cry Could Use Thumbnails for TWO THINGS!


Bioshock: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 is a go. The deadline is Tuesday the 25th.

Also, there’s gonna be some anticipated action comin’ in the form of Dishonored, which is gonna be the next on-going series. M’pretty stoked, myself.

I have a .psd template for you, too. There have been some incredible thumbnail pieces for Cry in the past, that have slayed me not to use, due to things like illegible titles, spaces that are still too small for a readable number, and that gat dang video length time box in the most-seen, shrunken versions of the thumbnails (appearing on Cry’s front page and video tab sections.) Maybe this can help? It’s not a requirement, and it won’t lessen your art’s chances of being chosen if you don’t use it. The time stamp is the only thing you don’t move. 

We have the usual specifications:

  • 1280w x 720h
  • .jpg or .png file type
  • The game’s title is optional to do yourself, but you may want to have a back-up, untitled version of it if for some reason there turns out to be a functional problem. 
  • Post your thing to the #cryaotic art tag. We will see it.

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Test 1 &2:

Edit: Nah fuck that. This:

Test 3:
You Scored as Khal Drogo

You are Khal Drogo. A fierce warrior, you never run from a fight and have never lost one either. You are capable of acts of great violence, but also great love. However, you can sometimes be arrogant.

Khal Drogo - 90%
Daenerys Targaryen - 80%
Jaimie Lannister - 65%
Robert Baratheon - 60%
John Snow - 60%
Tyrion Lannister - 60%
Eddard Stark - 55%
Petyr Baelish - 45%
Joffrey Lannister - 30%

Conclusion: I am an impish warlord?

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Don’t Ask Me Anything Else

M’done. Gonna go eat and chill. This was fun. I am not sorry for destroying your already-crammed dashboard. Have a gewd evenin’.

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Why don't you share more of your drawings?


Because half of them are trash that never get past a conceptual phase, and a quarter of them are dirty. 8D

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If you had to trade bodies with anybody in the Late Night Crew for a week, who would you trade with and why?


I would trade with Cry, because then I can blackmail him if I ever wanted to.

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How long have you and Russ been dating?


Over five years.

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