Da Red Zone

Cry Needs Thumbnail Cover Art for Dreamfall!

If anyone is new or didna know this: I actively put together the thumbnails for Cry’s main LP vids. That said:

I usually use art from the Cryaotic and Cryaotic Art tags. Been doing it since The Cat Lady, and I don’t think we’re stopping this game plan any time soon. We wanna give you guys exposure as wonderful arteests~

So yeah, that’s happening with Dreamfall. I am preeeeetty certain that this game will be played until its finale. I looked ahead at someone else’s LP, and it’s going to be one of those stories you just… just GATTA see what happens next. S’ gon be good.

Cry blows through his videos pretty fast. We’re in dire need of choices. If you wanna submit some art for the Dreamfall series play-though: it works best with a final canvasĀ dimensionĀ of 1280x720. As usual, please leave a good amount of space for me to slap the number on. You can do the title yourself, or leave it out and I’ll add it later.

Good night, and good luck…